The colours of Breaking Bad

Infographic: Colorizing Walter White’s Decay. Fascinating post about the costume colours of the main characters of Breaking Bad throughout the show’s multiseason run. After Walt’s cancer diagnosis, his colors become stronger, and eventually go black. When the cancer returns or when he’s defeated, the drab khaki returns. The closer he gets to Gus, and the … Read more

Spartacus: Gladiator Bootcamp

It was yesterday when I walked past the Spartan training on the seafront, that I wondered what the training for Spartacus (now in it’s final season) might have been like? Apparently I’m not the only one to wonder. It was gone midnight after I had consumed a variety of Spartacus training special features including’s … Read more

2010 TV Summary

It’s time for a TV round up again. The snow is probably falling, it’s dark by 4pm so there is little better to do than get into a series or two, and pull up the duvet. It’s ok ‘though, as we’re halfway out of the dark.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Season 1)

Format: 13 episodes of 50 minutes.

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Take that, Honda Cog

Those OK Go boys have done it again. After the viral success of the “treadmill routine” video for Here it goes again comes a playful Mousetrap / Honda Cog inspired piece. Great tune too. Update: This is in fact a Rube Goldberg machine; a complex machine that performs a simple task, named after the American … Read more

Twilight Zone Episodes

I am currently enjoying old, sixties Twilight Zone episodes that litter online video sites. These are my top three so far. A Nice place to Visit (veoh link) is a story about gambler and crook Henry “Rocky” Valentine. Rocky finds himself in a world where he seemingly can have anything he wants. Right now I … Read more