Spartacus: Gladiator Bootcamp

It was yesterday when I walked past the Spartan training on the seafront, that I wondered what the training for Spartacus (now in it’s final season) might have been like?

Apparently I’m not the only one to wonder.

It was gone midnight after I had consumed a variety of Spartacus training special features including’sSpartacus: War Of The Damned Arm Workout“, 4 circuits to a Gladiator body and all three “Gladiator Bootcamp” films.

The actors had to undergo gruelling sessions of fight and fitness training, four hours a day, five days a week. For some actors needing to bulk up, they had custom “hypertrophy” sessions to build those massive arms, and startling six packs. With over half a million views the latest bootcamp film has highlights such as:

aden jeffries in home and away
“Closer each day…”
  • Spartacus actor Liam McIntyre with a nerdy frindge
  • Ladies man Gannicus exercises wearing a Seventies’ yellow towelling headband
  • Crassus‘  Rocky impression
  • Lovable Agron in a silly dance with Naevia.
  • Bad guy Caeser sports a confusing hip hop backwards-cap (cruelly reminding us of his background as an actor in Home and Away)
  • And finally Crixus gets a cute kiss on the neck from Spartacus.

I like this one too. Fabulous stunt choreography in this show.


Things I do when I have too much time on my hands

Ahoy, and seasonal greetings to you, blog chums. It’s a Saturday and I find myself at my office, whimsically fiddling with my computers. I have had more than enough of holidays by now. What’s left? Another movie, another chocolate, another sweet and sticky mulled apple cider?

I can’t take any more. So, instead of wandering the streets, or making endless OCD systems for backing up my data, I thought I’d say Hi to you, and share my list of Things I Do When I Have Too Much Time On My Hands.


A journey into fitness, martial arts and technology-enhanced training, or “How I learned to love the burn”

Today a friend Amelia’s Shepherd‘s multi media project about female fighters is featured on the BBC’s website. Kickboxing has become a very significant part of my life, and inspired (albeit reluctantly) by the Olympics, I thought I’d share my story about it. It begins with me admitting that I am becoming a sporty person.


Transgenic spidergoats, psychedelic plankton and 70’s turtlenecks all at the RI channel

As a long time TED fan I was really pleased to discover that  The Royal Institution have developed the RI channel, a new video platform, for both their own and others’ popular science videos and lectures.

Although still in Beta at the moment, it is beautifully designed, with high quality videos, and content is being added regularly.


Wholemeal banana prune muffins

Let’s for a moment ignore the fact that I am blogging recipes.

I know, I know but these are really yummy muffins and now I won’t lose the recipe.

Also, lifehacker does cooking, so maybe it’s the new cool.

Tastier than the imposing, grout-like bran muffin, this one has plenty of good stuff for your digestion, yet is light enough to feel like a treat.

Did I really just write that? The shame. A career scripting Saturday morning Kitchen beckons.