Albuquerque to Brighton

Here’s a few photos before I left Albuquerque, and a handful of Brighton and British living. I am already a bit nostalgic for my dusty desert life. These pictures are some of the things I’ll miss. The weirdness, the colours, my MMA family, the bosque (a strip of cottonwood forests along the Rio Grande) and … Read more

WordPress to Static

Just updated this site to a static version. I vaguely administer a few aging WordPress sites, which are annoyingly high maintenance (that is a lie, they require maintenance, and occasionally get hacked which is not fun at all) and I don’t get paid for this. With some time free this January I dipped back into the world of websites, and did a recce on publishing static sites.

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My Covid TV hitlist

Hello. It’s October 2020, in the time of Covid-19. Today there is snow in Albuquerque so I thought it was time to share a few watchables that have helped me stay sane and/or distracted. I’m mostly enjoying adventure, funny, nostalgic or documentary genres for this period. Nothing too cold or disturbing. It’s not the greatest list, so if you have any other shows to recommend, please do comment.

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