Spartacus: Gladiator Bootcamp

It was yesterday when I walked past the Spartan training on the seafront, that I wondered what the training for Spartacus (now in it’s final season) might have been like? Apparently I’m not the only one to wonder. It was gone midnight after I had consumed a variety of Spartacus training special features including’s … Read more

Things I do when I have too much time on my hands

a broken keyboard with keys out of place

Ahoy, and seasonal greetings to you, blog chums. It’s a Saturday and I find myself at my office, whimsically fiddling with my computers. I have had more than enough of holidays by now. What’s left? Another movie, another chocolate, another sweet and sticky mulled apple cider?

I can’t take any more. So, instead of wandering the streets, or making endless OCD systems for backing up my data, I thought I’d say Hi to you, and share my list of Things I Do When I Have Too Much Time On My Hands.

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A journey into fitness, martial arts and technology-enhanced training, or “How I learned to love the burn”

Today a friend Amelia’s Shepherd‘s multi media project about female fighters is featured on the BBC’s website. Kickboxing has become a very significant part of my life, and inspired (albeit reluctantly) by the Olympics, I thought I’d share my story about it. It begins with me admitting that I am becoming a sporty person.

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