Fringe is back with bonus Wirespotting

More Wire actors in the last Fringe, episode twelve. Not only is Lieutenant Daniels a regular as an almost identical character Agent Phillip Broyles, but this week Union Man Frank Sobodka appears as the most unlikely of characters, a skilled programmer who writes virii! Also, Marlo’s muscle and Snoop’s partner Chris Partlow is a hacker … Read more

TV roundup and WIRESPOTTING special

It’s the new “Fall” season and I’ve been sampling some of the new shows and the new seasons of old favourites. I really do value tips regarding what’s out there, so if you’re onto something you think I might enjoy, please do drop me note! Also included in this blog is WIRESPOTTING in celebration of … Read more

Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery

Not for the fainthearted, but very interesting. Each programme in the five-part series covers a different branch of surgery. Part one is about neurosurgery “Into the Brain” and shows live brain surgery on a conscious woman. Not terribly keen on the goofy, posh feller hosting the programme (pictured right), but he’s harmless enough. Into the … Read more

Vampire + HBO!

Could be good! From Alan Ball of Six Feet Under..accompanied by Viral posters in New York Out next month in the US.