A short film – The Runners

Just found this one from 2013.

This is an irresistible little film. I like it because of the candid confessions, because the interviewees illustrate a shared humanity, rich with faith, regret, love, vulnerability and determination. Something too about the relentless movement and pace reflects a snapshot of life in motion, literally and figuratively. A simple idea, cleverly executed. I wondered how they did they did it and found this photo from an older Guardian story.

man on a bike with camera man in trailer


Arguing against unicorns

Imposed internet outage for these last couple of weeks as I have moved home. Same area, but to a lovely Victorian garden flat. Bunny is pleased.

Whilst trying to fill nearly two weeks worth of gloomy winter nights I found myself rummaging through old wallets of DVDs and CDRs of music and films. It seems with an absence of goofy, American comedy downloads I have time and patience to watch something mildly educational.

2004’s A Brief History of Disbelief by Jonathan Miller is an insightful three part documentary. He’s a less noxious spokesperson for athesism than irritant Richard Dawkins, who incidentally makes a token appearance as ‘Biologist’, looking younger and peculiarly ruddy cheeked and windblown.


My Life as a Turkey

Found a charming documentary on BBC iPlayer. Naturalist Joe Hutto imprints himself on to a brood of wild turkeys and spends eighteen months as a turkey parent. Beautifully shot, key moments from Joe’s experiences with the turkeys are meticulously recreated, deep within Florida’s Everglades forest. Joe’s gentle narrative and thoughtful, occasionally philosophical observations, combined with a mostly acoustic Americana soundtrack (The Be Good Tanyas make an appearance) elevate this beyond a simple wildlife documentary toward a more personal, affecting tale.

Download My Life as a Turkey torrent or watch on iPlayer until 14th Speptember 2011.


Made in Rromania – teaser trailer

Ooo, some great images in this teaser trailer for an HBO documentary about the ‘Shukar Collective‘ a Romanian music project that fuses electronica with Ursari (one of the groups of Roma people) music.

Made in Rromania – teaser from Matei-Alexandru Mocanu on Vimeo.


Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery

Not for the fainthearted, but very interesting. Each programme in the five-part series covers a different branch of surgery. Part one is about neurosurgery “Into the Brain” and shows live brain surgery on a conscious woman.

Not terribly keen on the goofy, posh feller hosting the programme (pictured right), but he’s harmless enough.

Into the Brain is now available for four days on iPlayer, or failing that a torrent is also available. Old timers can also buy the DVD.