My Life as a Turkey

Found a charming documentary on BBC iPlayer. Naturalist Joe Hutto imprints himself on to a brood of wild turkeys and spends eighteen months as a turkey parent. Beautifully shot, key moments from Joe’s experiences with the turkeys are meticulously recreated,¬†deep within Florida’s Everglades forest. Joe’s gentle narrative and thoughtful, occasionally philosophical observations, combined with a mostly acoustic Americana soundtrack (The Be Good Tanyas make an appearance) elevate this beyond a simple wildlife documentary toward a more personal, affecting tale.

Download My Life as a Turkey torrent or watch on iPlayer until 14th Speptember 2011.

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We also have a good wild turkey population up in the NorthEast. They have made a real comeback in the last decade or two. Saw some other day, actually … near a backroad, across from a Horse Farm … I’ll have to check out that video (if I can get it).

Could someone help me with the identity of the song that appears around the 40 minute mark. It’s a woman’s voice that sings over a drum macine track. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the credits.
Thanks, Grant Marley

I just watched “My Life as a Turkey” for the 2nd year in a row. What a wonderful documentary. I also wanted to know the female artist who sang the song at the end – thanks so much for providing that info.

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