Size doesn’t matter

Welcome to the family this little Winnebago Brave, older than me at 43 years of age, a child of 1972. Recently took her to the Four Corners Monument in New Mexico.  Our 18 footer was somewhat dwarfed by a rather shiny Class A RV owned by fellow bloggers Pam and Randy Warner. 

Heads, hides and rugs

On a wander recently I came across American Wild Life Taxidermy. The sign on the door said ‘Open’ so I decided it was an opportunity not to be missed.  The owner seemed busy but kindly let me see what they were working on. He led me back into the shop where a younger man was removing the flesh from a large (and clearly fresh) pelt with a circular electric blade.

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Oscar of The Tube

It all began with a cardboard tube. A giant cardboard tube, addressed to “Oscar Rubio”. At work I have a foible about people who use our hostel address for their mail. Over the years the bulk of mail has grown exponentially with long forgotten visitors. When this over-sized package arrived for someone not even checked in to the hostel, my wrath had been invoked before we had even met.

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“Near a tree by a river, there’s a hole in the ground..”

Finally made it to the arts/media monthly event which this month presented 80’s pop star Nik Kershaw and Bond composer David Arnold. Nik Kershaw is looking a little bit Gary Glitter with his tinted specs and Goatee, but does look pretty spry, and was sporting a quite tidy, super-short, mohican style hair-do. Funniest moment was … Read more