“Near a tree by a river, there’s a hole in the ground..”

Finally made it to the arts/media monthly event which this month presented 80’s pop star Nik Kershaw and Bond composer David Arnold. Nik Kershaw is looking a little bit Gary Glitter with his tinted specs and Goatee, but does look pretty spry, and was sporting a quite tidy, super-short, mohican style hair-do. Funniest moment was a weak knee’d middle aged woman asked Nik if “he worked out”.

I tried to hold my crappy N70 steady at full zoom for a video of “Wouldn’t it be good” acoustic” but failed miserably and was also thwarted by a moving person in front of me obscuring my frame. I like Kershaw songs, they have really tricky chords, especially when played on a banjo.

David Arnold was really entertaining and told extended Hollywood-dirt stories about some of his adventures. He’s surprisingly normal for a man with such a fine hollywood profile.

This weekend I have also discovered Radio Reverb, Brighton’s local community station. You can listen to it on analog at 97.2FM or live from the stream. DJ Lamp is very good and plays all kinds of music for his show Eclectic Chair, and also the 2 hour weekly show Simple Folk has some brilliant live sessions – check their archives.


  1. and I never got to say goodbye to most people as I drifted from one pub to another before ending up in a chi chi quite wonderful boutique hotel

    David Arnold

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