Brighton Banjo! Brighton Bluegrass!

.. and lots of other search engine friendly terms! This is because I have been wanting to find friends to share my love of old time and bluegrass music with in Brighton. It took me a year to find an old time jam at the Horse and Groom in Hanover, which was sadly the last … Read more

Getting started with WordPress 2.5

I’ve a new project at work developing a quick and dirty new website from an old and rather ragged looking original. I won’t hear of any websites with more than 6 pages having any less than a CMS behind them, so I was tasked with some research. Drupal and Joomla were two other considerations with … Read more

USA Road Trippin’ – Photos online

I have been away for a month exploring the US, hence the lack of blogging. The hit list included San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, some of old Route 66 (pictured), New Orleans, Merlefest in Wilkesboro NC, Baltimore, Centralia PA and New York. Sometimes I was having having too … Read more – set your books free

I’ve been a member for a while of the site, but today I set my first book free! Bookcrossing is an online database of books that have been read, logged, and then placed in release spots in your area to find another reader. It’s international and release spots can be anywhere from a cafe, … Read more