Brighton Banjo! Brighton Bluegrass!

.. and lots of other search engine friendly terms! This is because I have been wanting to find friends to share my love of old time and bluegrass music with in Brighton.

It took me a year to find an old time jam at the Horse and Groom in Hanover, which was sadly the last of the season as it was helmed by old timey locals Chicken Shed Zeppelin who were too busy in the summer to continue.

Anyway, during that one session I aquired myself a banjo teacher! Should anyone out there in the local area require some tutition, or indeed need some expert banjo fixing or setup, please drop me a mail and I can put you in touch.

Indeed, it would still be nice to meet some more musicians or fans, so if you like a bit of Americana, or are a folky fan of string instruments, say hello!

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