The School of Life sermons

I discovered a video series of thoughtful sermons on Vimeo by a small London organisation The School of Life. They specialise in providing “ideas for life” or classes and lectures from inspiring thinkers and artists for the common person to enjoy. Founded by all round good chap and champion of philosophy for all,¬† Alain De Botton, The School of Life has been operating since 2008 and provides weekend, day and evening sessions or classes. Titles include How to fill the god shaped hole and How to be a better friend.

Most recently you can watch a debate about happiness with regard to the ‘well being’ agenda of the new government where¬†Richard Wiseman (professional skeptic) , Frank Furedi (sociologist) and Nic Marks (happiness researcher) argue their interpretations of well-being, the merits or otherwise of self-help and what it means that the government intends to measure this. Additionally here is an article listing Nic’s simple “5-a-day” ideas for happiness.

From the other sermons I’ve watched online, I recommend Raymond Tallis‘s talk On Wonder or Alain De Botton’s On Pessism.

For accessible philosophy you could also try these six gentle documentaries from 2000 called Philosophy A guide to Happiness by Alain De Botton’s Seneca Productions.

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