The Bench

This one minute film is almost a time-lapse, lets call it a time-lurch. The Bench in question is in a small park that my flat looks out on.

I filmed the bench on a Saturday at midday for about four hours. It’s a fun snapshot of some of the personalities who stopped by in the park.

I like the larger man in the blue shirt who can’t quite find a comfy spot and seems to get pestered repeatedly by insects.

The music is a traditional fiddle tune Sally Ann, as played by Dirk Powell.

The Bench from loothi on Vimeo.

1 thought on “The Bench”

  1. This clip / idea reminds me of the film "Five" by Abbas Kiarostami. It had five sequences, each of which was a (seemingly) continuous shot between 5-15 minutes long, though there were some hidden edits. A piece of wood washed around on the waves; people walking by on a promenade; a silhouetted group of dogs on the beach; a gaggle of ducks waddling back & forth across the beach; a pond at night with frogs chirping through a storm.

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