Headed West

My mind is on the tracks, my friend My trumpet’s blown its course And heaven forgive, I’m headed west It’s the way of the sun and the source I’ve drummed from bounty’s brimming cup I’ve supped the luck I’m due And with timeliness and fire afoot Go ask my marching crew — Fol-de-rol, Johnny Flynn

An oddly personal TSA appraisal

The transport security officer rifles my carry-on luggage, removing an oversized bottle of after-sun. He peels back a plastic bag revealing a loose, damp swimsuit piece and leans in toward me, smiling knowingly. I can tell you’re the adventurous type.   I don’t think you mind roughing it.

Mid-life Crisis Adventure

Hello again. I’m currently gearing up for another odyssey to the USA. It’s been too long (as one of my readers noted) so I’m heading out to the USA in April to see some friends and have an adventure. First up is possibly my most visited US city, San Francisco. I’m using sites such as … Read more