No more FTP Blogger – I’ll be off then..

Woe, Blogger, woe. Very disappointed to see that you have decided to discontinue the FTP, static publishing option that I have used for, 11, yes 11 years. I’ve been there from the start. I even gave you money for ‘Pro’ before Google bought you. I got a hoodie as a thank you. I did wonder … Read more

Mac NTFS driver and exporting FLV files

Couple of Mac tips today. Can’t write to someone’s NTFS (Windows) external drive on your Mac? Install the free NTFS-3G driver but don’t accidentally get the commercial version. Er, you know, unless you want to. When making your Quicktimes into Flash, use the FLV converter which is included with the all purpose, and wonderful ffmpeg. … Read more

Smart lasers

Intelligent laser with audio from Japan. Inspired by failed 80’s Glen A. Larson show Automan?

Interactive LED wall installation

I currently live in Colour Neighbourhood, which is for people who are heavily into colour. All the streets and buildings are set for instant colourmatch: as you walk down the road they change hue to offset whatever you’re wearing. When the streets are busy it’s kind of intense, and anyone prone to epileptic seizures isn’t … Read more

Stop Skype starting on Mac login + kill caps lock + VLC screengrab shortcut

Apologies for not coming up with some more amusing anecdotes in my first post after Christmas, but I’m having a writers block. I do however have a rather lovely iPod touch (called Treacle), which I am experimenting with, and hope to give some feedback on in the near future. Any recommendations for apps, for video … Read more