Mumford & Sons album “Sigh no more”

Really enjoying the the earnest, plaintive wailing’s of Marcus Mumford and his band. I saw them first accidentally at 2008’s Great Escape, in an all star line-up including Noah and the Whale, Laura Marling and Jay Jay Pistolet. At that time, they were new and inexperienced and were being coached by Laura and Noah ATW front man Charlie Fink.

The album has everything from wistful melancholy to driving folk anthems. Also, I like that they are charming, well brought-up, posh boys.

Despite the radio unfriendly lyrics of Little Lion Boy, you know they’d be very polite if you took them home to meet your Mum.

Watching the gig last year, the kids knew all the words and sang them in an impassioned way that recalled to me the importance of “your favourite band” when you’re young.

For the less emo amongst us, I had a similar impression from seeing live those quirky, shouty pop kids Los Campesinos!.

Sigh no more is available on Spotify. Best tracks are the rollicking Roll away your stone, and the foot stomping single Little Lion Man.

Other finds on my more maudlin, folky radar;

Horse Feathers – In Our Blood
Oregonian chin strokers, violin noodling, cello underscoring, lost harmonies.

Department of Eagles – Sailing by by night
Lo-fi mutterings, or “post-urban depression” as tagged on

The Acorn – Crooked Legs.
Merz and Bon Iver stylings, and some lovely ploinky percussion.

Denis Jones – One Loop
British guitarist singer songwriter, with glitchy effects. John Martyn-esque with a looping, effects pedal.

Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine
Lots of great beards from these folkies from Ontario, Canada. Rough shod banjo, probably composed in a wood cabin, with the local Grizzlies gathered at the door.

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