That ain’t Lake Minnetonka


I’ve loved Prince since I was thirteen. He was my first obsession. I collected his entire back catalogue, which back then was an impressive eleven albums. I purchased these slowly but deliberately with my pocket money from my local Woolworth‘s store, on cassette tape. My older brother, always a mainstream guy, was abhorred by the high heels and outlandish sexuality of Prince.


“I bet you don’t like his music when you’re twenty” he once asserted cynically.

Seven years later, at twenty, I made a point of reminding him, and stating “Yes, I do still like Prince“. Disappointingly, he didn’t remember the bet.

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Headed West

My mind is on the tracks, my friend My trumpet’s blown its course And heaven forgive, I’m headed west It’s the way of the sun and the source I’ve drummed from bounty’s brimming cup I’ve supped the luck I’m due And with timeliness and fire afoot Go ask my marching crew — Fol-de-rol, Johnny Flynn

I Say Fever and Two Weeks

Ta @bbod for the link. US animator Stefan Nadelman, director of Terminal Bar turns his hand to some great wild west styled animation. Let it play to at least 00:53 where the lighting and pace goes crazy with the chorus. Ramona Falls “I Say Fever”. More from Stefan Nadelman. Also love this eerie video for … Read more