That ain’t Lake Minnetonka


I’ve loved Prince since I was thirteen. He was my first obsession. I collected his entire back catalogue, which back then was an impressive eleven albums. I purchased these slowly but deliberately with my pocket money from my local Woolworth‘s store, on cassette tape. My older brother, always a mainstream guy, was abhorred by the high heels and outlandish sexuality of Prince.


“I bet you don’t like his music when you’re twenty” he once asserted cynically.

Seven years later, at twenty, I made a point of reminding him, and stating “Yes, I do still like Prince“. Disappointingly, he didn’t remember the bet.

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A short film – The Runners

Just found this one from 2013. This is an irresistible little film. I like it because of the candid confessions, because the interviewees illustrate a shared humanity, rich with faith, regret, love, vulnerability and determination. Something too about the relentless movement and pace reflects a snapshot of life in motion, literally and figuratively. A simple idea, cleverly executed. I … Read more

Happy 2016

I was barked at by these pooches yesterday. I don’t think they had any idea.

Size doesn’t matter

Welcome to the family this little Winnebago Brave, older than me at 43 years of age, a child of 1972. Recently took her to the Four Corners Monument in New Mexico.  Our 18 footer was somewhat dwarfed by a rather shiny Class A RV owned by fellow bloggers Pam and Randy Warner.