The Bench 2

Some time ago I made a video collage of the occupants using the bench in the park outside my home. I decided to make a new one from my home in New Mexico.

This bench is a bus stop on the old Route 66. I filmed it for about 2 hours on a Sunday. I like the way it shows a representative cross-section of life in this town; the young woman with her cellphone, the hoodie guy, the dudes sharing a smoke, the scary waving lady, the older man (needing his reading glasses) who repeatedly checks his timetable and pockets, and the man and woman with the small child.

It was filmed in real time on a very large SD card, and chopped and speed-altered by hand in Premiere CC.

I used some creative commons music called Something Elated by Broke for Free. It’s creative commons 3.0

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