Pigeon Visitors

I have a handsome pigeon couple that come to visit me in my office. I was going to call them Lewis and Clark since they were clearly bold explorers, but I kept accidentally calling them “Lois and Clarke”, pop culture being the more dominant reference. No, I don’t know why Clarke has an “e”, but he does.

And whilst googling “how to tame a pigeon” I found this slightly sad¬†message.

"I see pigeons all over at my school and I want to tame them. All I have is a pretzel. What can I do?"

You can do it Braylin, the pretzel is enough!

Did you know that pigeons can wear pants? Although they look like rather dapper braces, they attach a flap to the uh, undercarriage which¬†“you line with half a panty-liner and then remove and replace“.

a pigeon wearing pants

“I feel like a fool”


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