Twenty thirteen road test

The nice thing about this blog is that I don’t feel too precious about it. Hence I’ve switched over to the new WordPress Twenty Thirteen default theme, to see how it handles. Besides don’t people just read blogs with an RSS reader? Apparently not from the death of Google reader, which hugely surprised me.

The first noticeable difference is that it’s configured up to work a lot more like tumblr which in my opinion had been gaining ground due to the simplicity of the interface and focus on “doing what bloggers do” which is primarily sharing and curating content, be it links, articles, photos, video or audio.

This theme has the custom look for these different types of post types. Which is a good idea, as the WordPress interface to my mind, predominately suggests I should be writing real, considered content, not just boshing out a link or a photo as I do with more regularity at Tumblr has a lower barrier to entry, psychologically at least.

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