Things I do when I have too much time on my hands

Ahoy, and seasonal greetings to you, blog chums. It’s a Saturday and I find myself at my office, whimsically fiddling with my computers. I have had more than enough of holidays by now. What’s left? Another movie, another chocolate, another sweet and sticky mulled apple cider?

I can’t take any more. So, instead of wandering the streets, or making endless OCD systems for backing up my data, I thought I’d say Hi to you, and share my list of Things I Do When I Have Too Much Time On My Hands.


Well, hullo again internet, you’re looking very lovely today. Did you do something to your hair? You’ve lost weight? Surely.

Get new music.

I’ve made up for making zero new music acquisitions in the last 12 months but scanning a music blog or two’s top albums of the year. Cut n Paste for an hour of two (or find some Spotify links) and descend into discovery mode. Currently I like 2012’s Avett Brothers‘ album The Carpenter and Trampled by Turtles’ Stars and Satellites.

Update my website design.

I wonder what’s new in WordPress 3.5? Hey, they made media management better at last and Ooo, the default theme is pretty cool. It’s been at least two years of the lovely Information Architects template. Time to move on.


What are old friends that I don’t speak to anymore doing? Who got marri^H^H^H^H^H^H divorced? Or won a Mercury music prize? Time for passive voyeurism. It’s a good job I don’t Facebook or this would be an addiction.

Oh, Hi Cole.

Mutant Thumb in Bunny outfit
Second best outfit after the Tigger one with lovely big soft paws.

Read cartoons.

Like xkcd or The Oatmeal.

Look at pictures of Bunnies.

I love Daily Bunny.

Bunny sprawled on the tiled floor.
A cute bunny sprawled on a tiled floor.


I forced myself to attend Crossfit Connect this morning, by chanting to myself “Crossfit is for badasses! You’re a badass!”. It worked, and despite genuinely considering escaping during the WOD (“I could just keep running out on to the road, ’round the corner, they’d not see until I was long gone!“), I stayed and managed to complete the session. Funny thing Crossfit, I love it and hate it. It’s twisted.

Not exercise.

“Mmmm, Just one more hour in bed.. if I fetch the iPad I’ll never have to move apart from toilet breaks, and a tea making run at a push.  I ought to do some exercise this morning… Hrm, maybe I’ll just read about it on the internet and look at motivational pictures of muscular women.”

Dismantle and clean my keyboard

Controversially I love the old clicky Mac keyboards, but they don’t half gather scunge. No-one wants to see that. Therefore I decided I would strip, rinse and reassemble my keyboard. I have learned the hard way you really want a picture of the layout handy, especially if you can’t type, to google an image. This still will take a number of days from inception to completion.

Keyboard dismantle and clean
Have you ever seen this key before? What does it do? Where does it live?

And, back to it, this twilight zone between Christmas and New Year. Enjoy your holidays!

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