Triffid gets WordPress’d

Welcome to the new site. I’m very excited to rationalise a site that has suffered with age and become rather raggedy. It’s been pointed out to me by friends however, that there lay some of triffid’s charm, so I’m hoping to re-instate the silly along with the rather shinier, streamlined design.

There are lots of bugs to quash, and this version 0.1 is the very minimum – no photo galleries and just ported blog posts from the old blogger site.

I am of the opinion that getting the site out there unfinished will encourage me to get it working, and be more ruthless about what needs to be done for it to be acceptable. Bear with me.

Here is the to-do list for my benefit rather than yours.

  • update tiny mce
  • fixlinks in top of page
  • fixlinks at bottom of page
  • logo needs to be – edit sprite.png
  • about image of something
  • pagination of archive (option per page)
  • copy old blogger images to new document root
  • Install gallery plugin (Nextgen?)
  • Widgetise old dynamic triffid elements and make nice admin options for them.
  • 301 redirect old rss link
  • theme doesn’t add header rss links.
  • what no shortcodes? Why?

3 thoughts on “Triffid gets WordPress’d”

  1. 1. You could change the default nickname to loothi instead of admin. It’s under tools and config someplace.

    2. Install marsedit or ecto for OSX. They are good native blog editors you can use to make posts more easily.

    3. I miss the old triffid plant-style logo! 🙂

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