No more FTP Blogger – I’ll be off then..

Woe, Blogger, woe. Very disappointed to see that you have decided to discontinue the FTP, static publishing option that I have used for, 11, yes 11 years. I’ve been there from the start. I even gave you money for ‘Pro’ before Google bought you. I got a hoodie as a thank you.

I did wonder since the development of Blogger seemed to be happening at the speed of continental drift, and had at best a ghost staff who dropped by occasionally to mimic badly some WordPress features.

I didn’t want a dynamic, database driven blog. There has been no need for dynamism in my peculiar corner of the web. However, I suppose it’s off to Blogger’s sexier cousin WordPress for me. If anyone reading this can recommend a nice archive migration tool, please post in the comments.

Still, I am sad to go…

2 thoughts on “No more FTP Blogger – I’ll be off then..”

  1. I just did a migration from Blogger to WordPress too. It was a little painful to convert, but I in fact like the end result more – even the non-blog content on my site is published via wordpress now. If it helps you, I wrote about the way I migrated existing content…

    Basically you want to use this tool

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